June 22, 2017

Cheesy Potato Spirals

I know it's beach season, but you can't
be good ALL the time right? A girl's 
gotta have her cheese!

This past father's day, I (Emily)
was in charge of a side dish for a BBQ 
at my parent's house for quite a few people.
so I needed something easy, but also yummy.
I remember seeing these potatoes on 
a Delish video on facebook a while back,
and decided to give it a go with 
a touch of my own flair!

You will need:

small red potatoes
sliced cheese
Garlic Butter
salt for seasoning

to make: 

Preheat oven to 425

1. start by washing your potatoes
2. Once washed, begin by taking a potato and slicing
a thin layer off of what will be the bottom of the potato.
This will be to keep the potatoes flat.

3. Next, begin to cut slices into the potato
but making sure not to cut all the way

4. Next, take your slices of cheese, and break
them into pieces small enough to fit in between
your potato slices.

 5. Once they are filled, take a good amount of
your garlic butter and put it on top of the 
potato. This will melt and sink down
into the potato while it's cooking.
6. Place your potatoes in a pyrex casserole dish
(greased or sprayed).
 7. Place your dish in the oven and bake for
about 40-45 minutes. You can check the potatoes
for tenderness to see if they need more or less
8. Sprinkle salt for taste and enjoy!

Happy cooking!

fox + gypsy

June 21, 2017

stripes on stripes jumpsuit

jumpsuit; Target
bell sleeve shirt; Who What Wear for Target
double buckle belt; Etsy
boots; Savers
sunglasses; Tom Ford

fox + gypsy

June 20, 2017

Tunesday; Cloves

This is CLOVES. An Australian Singer
and songwriter who we have been following
on Spotify for quite sometime, after she showed
up on our Discover Weekly. Lucky for us,
she just so happened to also be featured on the 
Miller Lite Stage at Bonnaroo this year,
and we were able to catch part of her set
in between Cold War Kids and Chance the Rapper.

Her voice is absolutely entrancing and her music
emulates a sort of Lana Del Rey-esque
type of music.

Check out CLOVES on Spotify, or
her live session of Don't You Wait via YouTube!

CLOVES, Don't You Wait

all images via google image

Happy Tunesday!

fox + gypsy

June 15, 2017

Metallic Slip Dress

slip dress; Urban Outfitters
hat; Goorin Brothers
Bandanna; Amazon
Sunglasses; Urban Outfitters

fox + gypsy

June 13, 2017

Tunesday; Sweet Sweet

One of the absolute best parts of Bonnaroo
is getting to discover new up and coming artists.
This year, on the first day, we were killing some time 
before our first show and got to talking to a woman and
her friend at the breakfast table. At some point 
during a lull in conversation the woman indicated
she was nervous. After asking her why, she told us
her husband was about to play on the stage adjacent
to the tent we were sitting under. 
We decided to stick around for the 
Sweet Sweet show. Let's just say it was a happy

Check them out on Spotify here,

 and catch
their song, To The Stars on You Tube below

June 7, 2017

Happy 5th Year Bonn-iversary!

Time really flies when you're having fun
adventuring. This year already marks our
FIVE YEAR Bonn-iversary. Can you believe it?
Neither can we!

It really seems like yesterday when we
first pulled the trigger on buying tickets
and threw ourselves into the amazing world
that is Bonnaroo. And we never looked back

If there is one thing you should experience
in life, whether it be Bonnaroo, or any other festival,
it would be to grab a bestie or two, hit the road
and get lost in the weekend of live music,
dancing and ,of course, SPICY PIE for days.
No Straighteners, no showers, limited cell service,
no worries, just good ole fashion fun with
best friends making memories that will
surely last a lifetime.

Ready to Roo!

fox + gypsy